Headpress is an international photographic agency with offices in Sydney and London.
Portraiture + Syndication + Fashion + Reportage + Film & TV + Historical + Music + Photographers
Headpress offers a very simple formula - quality photos, quality photographers and quality service.
Our catalogue, range of photos and agent representations is broad and covers the photographic spectrum with one notable exception: we do not do red carpet or paparazzi photos.
In this regard you could perhaps call us a "Specialist Agency" although that term is all too often bandied about these days together with the label "Boutique".
We are perhaps best thought of as a Storehouse of Specialties in that we combine under one roof and in one Agency the combined specialities of many different and Independent Photographic Libraries and Collections.
The agency was founded in Sydney in 1996 and has always had a reputation for the highest quality material combined with, and serviced by, professional and knowledgable staff.
We are an Independent Agency and we take great pride and extreme care in who we represent and what we sell. Our staff are courteous, helpful, sometimes funny, often firm, but always fair and well informed.