Syndication is a major focus at Headpress. Our aim is to provide a secure and trustworthy platform by which our photographers and their work may reach a global market. Through our Sydney and London offices we are dedicated to providing a personal and professional syndication environment.

We have been syndicating Headpress' photographers since as early as 1997 and have a great deal of experience in this. In those early days we used to courier edited selections of negs to Los Angeles, to LA Color Labs to be duped & captioned in 35mm cardboard slides. You couldnt get cardboard slide mounts in Australia, and whilst it was always nerve-racking to send originals back and forth across the pacific, thankfully we never lost even one neg, and in the days before digital, the LA Color Labs dupes always made our syndication dupes look more international.

"International" has always been the intention of Headpress' syndication and we have always endeavoured to get the material out to the world as quickly and as safely as possible. Thankfully a lot has changed from those early days of shipping dupes to our agents around the world. We now have our own dedicated in-house scanning & syndication department. For all those photographers shooting film we have a top of the range Imacon Flextight Scanner and we store all scans to an Apple X-Server and Raid. Be it supplied to us as film, digital raw, TIFF or JPEG files, all editing, scanning, colour correction, cleaning, spotting, retouching, captioning, watermarking and archiving is done by us, and there are no hidden or ongoing costs to our photographers. We output high res TIFF files which we archive and we syndicate JPEG files. Using email and FTP technology, any hot new shoot can be sent to our network of agents worldwide within hours of its arrival at Headpress. For a full list of our Foreign Agents please click on the "Affliliates Worldwide" link above.

At Headpress we tailormake syndication of your images to your individual needs. We can work as closely with you or as remotely as you desire. Some photographers ask us to work very closely with them on every sale and placement. Some request that they personally retouch each image we scan before any use. Some may not want their images to appear in tabloid magazines or men's mags. Some want their name credited in only glossy mags and not in tabloids. Some give us the entire selection from each shoot and allow us to scan and edit what we need, others may give us only the retouched selects they wish to have released. Some may place certain conditions on fee and placement. Others place absolutely no conditions and are happy for us to sell at our discretion. Either way - we can accommodate any requirement you may have, both now and in the future. We realise that things change and someone unknown today with no conditions on their image may tomorrow become "Miss Thing" and everything may then need pre-approvals. Headpress can adapt and respond to your changing photographic needs as they occur. We always provide you with our honest and experienced advice with every submission, but ultimately we appreciate that it is your personal work and your needs and desires are paramount.

At Headpress your images are always secure. We don't host any high res images online or on our website. Instead we host only low res 'proof sheets' online for our clients to search and view. Clients must ask for any high res they wish to view, which we always supply watermarked only for layouts and mockups. Only once we have agreed usage fees, sought any PR or photographer approvals or clearances, and confirmed the photo-credits do we release the high res to the client. We demand the same security with our foreign agents and they are required under the terms of their representation to host only low res or watermarked images on their respective websites. In this manner careful and strict control of all high res and photo-sales is maintained by us at all times both locally and internationally.

If you are a photographer considering submitting work to Headpress please be sure to give us a call to discuss how best to proceed. We can review the work you're got and give you advice on its suitability for syndication. A list of your available productions is usually best to start with. We can prioritise that list and let you know which names are most needed and most sellable. Don't forget its not just the top A-Listers that are in demand; from sportstars to authors, politicians and scientists to businessmen, are all just as requested, and sometimes more valuable due to their scarcity. With offices in Australia and the UK we offer direct sales in two markets with only one commission. We have dedicated and experienced sales staff in both Sydney and London working to maximise sales and exposure. From the Sydney office we sell into Australian, New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, China and South Africa, and from the London office into the UK, Ireland, Portugal and selected First Rights Sales to European countries to maximise sales.

For more information about Syndication with Headpress please email or call your local Sydney or London office.
Below are some examples of Syndication sales by Headpress and our Foreign Agents.